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    Make life smarter,and easier -- IOT
    The third wave of the world's information industry ,
    It will also be the dominant position in the new round of competition in the information industry
    The IOT will have an immense impact on the world economy, politics, culture, and military.
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    Build real open and complete mobile software for mobile devices -- Android
    The development platform allows any mobile terminal manufacturer to join the Android alliance.
    As users and applications become more plentiful, a new platform will soon mature.
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    Keep moving forward and never stop


Combining software and hardware to solve LAN communication

MultiSensor Tracker

Real-time acquisition of sensor data

WeChat public number

Reduce promotional costs, increase brand awareness, and create a more influential brand.

Smart community

cut costs、data sharing、Meet individual needs、Improve service quality

Cold chain

real time monitoring、Convenient and fast、Provide high quality protection


Easy to enter, monitor, and ship the entire process,Improve management efficiency、Reduce management costs


Android platform provides third-party developers with a very broad, free environment


The intelligent management of real estate is the use of modern computer technology, automatic control technology, communication technology and other high-tech and related equipment in real estate management to implement automatic monitoring, centralized management and computer network management.

Comprehensive perception

Through a variety of sensors, RFID, positioning systems, infrared sensors, laser scanners, and other equipment to Collect original data.

Reliable delivery

The original data is transmitted to the Internet of Things information and management center through the communication network. Here, the primary data is encoded, authenticated, authenticated, and calculated.At the same time, set up the corresponding algorithm library, sample database, and information library in the information center of the Internet of Things to compare the data and prepare for further decision-making.

Intelligent processing

Using middleware and various application infrastructures of the IOT to implement application information processing for each link in the smart property.

IOT intelligent processing application layer

First, "data", the application layer needs to complete the data management and data processing;The second is "applications" that combine these data with various industry applications.
The intelligent property management system aims to improve the economic efficiency, operating efficiency, and management level of the residential property management, enhance the satisfaction of the owners, and ensure that the property company achieves the maximum economic efficiency.For example, payment management can monitor household payment and arrears at any time. It can automatically generate the property fee and parking fee receivable for the next month on a specified date, automatically control the collection of various costs, ensure the property company’s income, and increase the efficiency and funding of the collection. The speed of recovery, payment records of various expenses are stored in the system, and inquiry printing can be performed at any time.

MultiSensor Tracker

It can be used in different systems, especially in vehicle transportation systems.


TT300 3G MultiSensor Tracker takes advantage of the high sensitive MEMS to measure the temperature and humidity. It can be used in different case, especially in the cold-chain. TT300 can support all GSM and WCDMA bands, so it can be used global.


High reliability
High acquisition precision
Wide applicability
Strong endurance

WeChat public number

For celebrity, government, media, companies and other institutions launched cooperative promotion business.
Here, we can use the WeChat channel to promote the brand to hundreds of millions of WeChat users, reduce promotional costs,
increase brand awareness, and create a more influential brand image.

Interaction, service and original content production

The interaction between the WeChat public platform and subscribers can promote the WeChat public number to maintain its vitality. Interaction with users includes providing users with information reply services, communicating with users in a timely manner, and creating some activities and features.
In the future, as the functions of the WeChat public platform continue to be opened and improved, the interaction between the public number and subscribers will be more abundant and diverse.

Relying on the brand effect,link online and offline

Because WeChat is a social networking platform for acquaintances, this poses a challenge to the widespread dissemination of WeChat public accounts.Therefore, it is particularly important to complete the content distribution of the WeChat public number by creating the WeChat public number brand and using the WeChat public number's brand influence to attract subscribers.Brand influence is the key to gaining the trust of users.

Vertical, hierarchical development, professional operation

Vertical development is one of the trends in the development of WeChat public number.In many WeChat public accounts, accurate functional positioning is one of the criteria for subscribers to select the WeChat public number.In general, the more vertical the WeChat public number is, the more accurate its positioning will be, and the more professional it provides.In the future, what users need is not general information, but professional and practical “useful” information in a certain field.The layering of the WeChat public number is also a manifestation of the development of the WeChat public number towards refinement and personalization.The hierarchical development of the WeChat public number is also in order to meet the different information needs of different users.

Smart community

The smart community emphasizes the concept of intelligence, humanities and services, and adopts the ideas of management delicacy, service personnel culture, operation socialization, information informatization, and work standardization. Through the integration of the overall resources of the community, and driven by the information platform, the community is realized. Service and management intelligence, improve the overall level of community services and people's living environment

cut costs

Property management software can efficiently improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of new employee learning and training for property management software。

Data sharing, comprehensive information

The property system data is highly shared so that management can make more reasonable decisions based on big data. Public data management is the management of public data of the system; service settlement management mainly provides property billing and charging functions for the enterprise; customer service management mainly provides client services for the owners; administrative affairs management provides an OA office system for the company; public service management is reduced. Corporate management costs; corporate decision support provides decision-making basis for corporate management。

Meet personalized needs and improve service quality

Billing, payment, inspections, repairs, appeals and other flexible methods to meet the individual management needs of the company; process layers of audit checks, appeals, inspections and timely follow-up management, intelligent property management system to improve the economic benefits of residential property management, Operational efficiency, management level, improvement of owner satisfaction, and ensuring that property companies achieve maximum economic efficiency

Cold chain

Cold chain system management integrates real-time tracking and monitoring into one, enabling faster, direct, and effective sharing of real-time data information, ensuring data security, and enabling remote storage of images in the form of statistical analysis.。

Effective data collection

A multi-purpose sensor tracker with high reliability, high acquisition accuracy, wide applicability, and endurance capability is used to measure temperature and humidity. The concentrator pushes data to the server, PC, and mobile phone through the MQTT protocol to realize the original system. Fast, safe and comprehensive collection of data。

Real-time positioning, monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the geographical location of the transportation during transportation, real-time viewing of the dynamic changes of temperature, humidity, light, vibration, pressure, and acceleration of the article, to meet the individual management needs of the enterprise。

Data sharing, efficient statistical analysis

Timely and efficient display of received data quickly, intuitively, and clearly displayed on the PC-side and mobile-end interfaces to achieve secure sharing of data and information, ensure data security, and achieve statistical remote storage of images.

Real-time message alert

The cold chain system performs data management and data processing according to the index data sent from the concentrator device, and sends the statistical results to the client's PC and mobile phones in real time. This is the fastest and most direct way for customers to understand the transport of goods. Changes in the status of the project. In order to make the appropriate adjustments. The system uses mobile devices to communicate directly between managers and terminal personnel. Managers can directly control the entire transportation process.


Warehousing management system relies on a simple and efficient operation method of the system, as well as an intelligent and convenient inquiry and registration system, which can easily realize the entire process of entry, monitoring, and shipment of goods, It is an important pillar of logistics activities to greatly increase management efficiency while significantly reducing management costs.。


Android system is becoming one of the most popular application platforms in the world,
and the future development pattern will undoubtedly become the target and focus of the related industries.
Our Android development is mainly divided into system level software development and enterprise application level software development.

If you can design one thing you can design everything.
Just Believe It.


Provide smart phones and IOT solutions

What we are

Xi'an Morecom Technology Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation:Morecom),is located in Xi'an High-tech Zone, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan.Has signed the China Patent Licensing Agreement with Qualcomm USA and owns Qualcomm Platform License,Target high-end smartphones to provide comprehensive solutions for industry customers;In addition, We also focuses on the research and development of smart city projects under the IOT.

What we do

Morecom is an innovative company,With the rapid development of smart phones, we are keeping pace with the times, using various resources with strict execution power, fulfilling customers' various customization needs with quality and quantity, and dare to innovate, and designing better for customers from the perspective of customers. At the same time, the company looks to the future and positions the company's business development in the Internet of Things. With its strong appeal, employees are led to create quality with integrity and lead the future with innovation.

Why choose ue

professional:Our members have many years of experience in industry development and professionals from major domestic companies.
strict:Our team members are serious and responsible, and are meticulous and cautious about issues.
Focus:We firmly believe that the security and stability of the product from the customer's trust, only the focus can do better.
Dream:To be a outstanding company and provide industry customers with the most reliable solutions for smart phones and IOT.


We look forward to your joining

Web front-end engineer


Responsible for the development of web front end and business layer server; Apply javaScript effect to achieve interactive functions and pleasant user experience; And big data visualization show and interaction.


Familiar with Web-related basic technology, can provide complete technical solutions, familiar with and understanding of the server-side architecture, etc.; proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript development; with Web performance optimization experience, design ability is preferred.

Android Engineer


Android system level software development and enterprise application level software development; analysis and solve software problems, maintain and improve program quality; communicate with testers and cooperate with each other to complete project progress.


Familiar with the Android system architecture and related technologies, the actual Android platform development experience is better, there is Windows Mobile/Symbian/Iphone/Brew development can also be; familiar with network development (TCP/IP, HTTP) priority.

System Architect


Responsible for the company's system architecture design, research and development work;Understand the business needs of the system and develop the overall framework of the system;Assist project manager to make project plan and control project progress.


With object-oriented analysis, design, and development capabilities(OOA、OOD、OOP),proficient in UML and ROSE, skilled in using Rational Rose, PowerDesigner and other tools for design and development;Has extensive experience in master planning, program design and technical team management for large and medium-sized development projects.

Java Development Engineer


JAVA program development. According to the needs of the system design, module development to promote the project.


Proficient in Java language, skilled in using JSP/Extjs/Spring/Struts2/Spring Development technologies such as MVC/Hibernate/IBatis;Has strong mathematical analysis capabilities, independent program development capabilities and strong business model analysis capabilities.

IOT Development Engineer


Responsible for data acquisition and flow processing docking in IOT products;Participate in the latest technology research of the IOT,including tracking and researching advanced technologies in related fields,learning and using related tools.


Familiar with embedded systems, wireless sensor networks,4G/3G/GPRS/GSM Wireless networks, low-power Wi-Fi wireless networks,and RFID Technology.Can skillfully search and read English literature, has a strong ability to learn and comprehend, has a strong interest in the industry's new technology, new dynamics and keen insight.

Database Development Engineer


Responsible for the construction and maintenance of various types of databases;Design databases,stored procedures,triggers,indexes on demand;Participate in business requirements analysis and database program development.


Familiar with ORACLE, MYSQL and other commonly used databases;Skilled use of database design tools, familiar with the database structure design work;Skilled use of Hibernate, mybaits database middleware;and good background database programming capabilities.

Cooperation history

Because of the gradual development of our business, we have a lot of contacts and exchanges.
Thanks to your vision and wisdom, understanding, trust, and support, we are inspired and grateful.

Partner Company

Either do the first, or do the best one.


We are very much looking forward to communicating with you.
If you have any ideas,suggestions or want to participate in our products, you can contact us by mail or message

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